Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mazraat Al Toufah Municipality Blog

The Mazraat Al Toufah Blog is a direct result of the Municipal Council that is working hard to keep its people connected around the world. To give them a little window allowing them to take a look back at their beloved town and to gasp a gulp of fresh air off the pine trees. To keep them updated with all of the news and projects that are happening in Mazraat Al Toufah.

The blog will be maintained with regular entries of Mazraat Al Toufah articles and descriptions of various events. As a reader you will be able to leave comments in an interactive format and provide news on a particular subject of interest. You will also be able to see other material such as pictures and videos.

The Municipality and its members, Attorney Joseph Tannous Saleh (President), Mr. Tony Akl Chbat (Vice President), Mr. Antoine Jouwad Ramia, Mr. Wadih Chafic Tannous, Mr. Simon Yousef Georges, Mr. Antoun Doumit Toubia, Mr. Hanna Tannous Yacoub, they all know that it is essential and very important to keep this blog for good, constructive and transparent subjects only. Hoping that we can all keep in touch, so that little window (blog) will serves its purpose.

As of today March 1st, 2009, the blog will be released; it will be active and can be viewed by using the following link or simply by searching Google by typing “Mazraat Al Toufah Municipality”.

If you have any personal questions or suggestions please email Joseph Saleh at otherwise leave your comments in the comments section. Enjoy yourselves and give us your feedback. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you.


  1. Great video! We really enjoyed it. This is a good way to keep everyone connected and informed. We hope everyone will participate. Hassib Saleh and his family.

  2. The video was great. We are under the impression that our ancestors came from your area. We would love to correspond with someone about this. Sincerely,

  3. Hello Carmin. My name is Issam Philippe from Mazraat Al Toufah, living in Virginia, USA. I asked my grandfather Hanna Chebat about your ancestors. He told me that the only "Yimin" that came from Al Mazraat to Pennsylvania are related to the Chebat/Zayrouk/Elias/Hanna/Mansour Families.
    Also my grandfather told me that his father's Aunt Hesni was married to Sarkis Yamin (Yimin). Let me know if you have any additional information about your ancesters.

  4. The video is great and we are very thankful for the MR. Joseph saleh the president of the municipality and Mr. Issam Philip for their efforts..
    FATEN Dyoub

  5. What can I say, I love my Town and my town loves me. More I stay away from El day3ah the more I feel that I am attached to it. God bless El Mazra3ah and her People.

    Maroun T. Saleh/Dubai

  6. Hello there,
    Hoping all the best for our beloved town. MET. Special thanks to Mr. Philip, Issam for his continues efforts and precious time to make this web blogs as informative as possible.


    P.S. Mr. Saleh e-mail Address is:

  7. I am happy to see the the projects that are underway to improve the village. I fell in love eith the place when I first visited in 2002 it has come a long way.


    Robert Tannous